Google+ vs. Facebook – The Top Reasons Why Bloggers Should Be on G+

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It’s been a little over 3 weeks since I declared my official move from Facebook to G+ as a blogger.

Here are my findings


1. Google+ IS NOT like Facebook - There is a learning curve, a certain etiquette that people follow on G+ that is not anything like it is on Facebook. Communicating on G+ is more about engaging and networking vs. self promotion. I don’t speak for all bloggers when I say this, but for me, my Facebook page was a lot about trying to get people to visit my site so that we could connect there vs. on Facebook itself.

G+ is about making connections, having conversations, sharing other content that interests you and might be of interest to your followers. G+ users follow the 80/20 rule. Which basically means – Give more, take less. For every post of yours you share, make sure to share and engage with at least 3-5 others. Engaging means +1′s, commenting and sharing. If you do this, others will continue to engage with you and your posts.

2. Different platform - Although there are the same concepts – Groups vs. Communities, +1′s vs. likes, the platform itself is different and can take a little while to get used to. It’s enough to make an experienced blogger feel like a newbie again. The feeling doesn’t last long though, and it’s easy to get the hang of, so if this is the only reason holding you back from G+, don’t let it deter you.

3. Using your Personal Profile vs. Page – On Facebook we were pages with fans. On G+, most bloggers use their personal profile and not their G+ pages. I have heard various reasons for this. The first being that Google cannot verify you as an author as a page but you can be verified on your personal profile. More on this below.

Also, G+ users are more likely to engage with an actual person with a pictu re than a brand. You can see more about this below in the video from Dennis Littley and Jean Layton. They talk about how your personal profile picture is so important. I don’t question a lot with them. Dennis Littley has over 400,000 followers. I think he knows what he’s doing. :)

4. People who WANT to see my content, actually get to see it. Unlike Facebook where my content might be seen by hundreds, and maybe only half of them or less find it relevant to their own lives, G+ has the potential to be seen by over 2,000 of my followers and more, including anyone who searches for something I have posted on G+.

By being able to use hashtags with your posts and the G+ search, it gives others the opportunity to find you even if they don’t circle you.

5. G+ posts are searchable in the Google search engine. This is probably the MOST important feature of G+ I found. Not only that, but Google also gives priority to the articles written by the people that you circle.

Here’s an example of what I mean. I’m using Jenny Melrose as an example because she has been my go-to G+ guru since I made the move. Her posts on G+ have helped me learn so much.

I Googled sugar scrub recipe. Jenny Melrose’s post on sugar scrubs came up on page 1 of my search results. That’s because she is in my circles, so Google knows that her content might be something I want to see over someone else’s.  Google Authorship Verified. Are you G+ verified


The more people that circle me, the more of a chance my articles will appear in their top search results.

Also, notice how her picture appears next to her article? It makes it stand out and is recognizable to me. So most likely that is the article I am going to click on.

The picture means that you have your G+ authorship verified. I have mine too.


Google Authorship Verified. Are you G+ verified

The last week in December was my first official week leaving Facebook and the start of me fully engaging on G+. So it’s been a little over 3 weeks and my blog traffic has increased overall. I have seen a 44% increase in traffic and the highest rise has been from both G+ and from Google. Which means that my posts are coming up in more search results. This might be due to the example above.

I don’t like to reinvent the wheel in writing a bunch of how-to’s, so I compiled a list of articles and videos that have helped me below.

I know there are many bloggers who have put their time into Facebook and can’t leave because they have such a huge following, but for the newer bloggers who don’t have much to lose by spending less time on Facebook, G+ is the way to go.

I’m by no means a G+ expert but if you have questions leave a comment or find me on G+ and I will be happy to try to help.



Google Plus Basics: Maximizing Your Profile by Jenny Melrose

Testing for Authorship by Jenny Melrose

The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Effectively – Hovercards - Google Hangout VIDEO with Dennis Littley & Jean Layton

How to use Google Plus as a Blogger by Kelly Dixon



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  1. says

    Melanie, You did a great job with this article and writing how it applies to you. You might get the questions about authorship being verified but their picture is not showing up in results. That’s because Google is determining who they feel should have their picture there. It does not necessarily mean that authorship isn’t set up correctly. Thanks so much for including my links!
    Jenny recently posted…Google Plus Basics: Maximizing Your PostsMy Profile

  2. says

    Great explanation! I’ve been wondering if it would be worth my time to focus more on G+ rather than Facebook and it really looks like it would be!
    Kimberley Tobin recently posted…Create a Pinnable Image with Picmonkey!My Profile

  3. says

    Great points about the benefits of G+. Google+ is much more worth my time and energy these days! I’ve had a Facebook page for almost 2 years (and sadly) have barely seen any engagement or major traffic boosts.
    Ana @MommysBundle recently posted…Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers (Especially Boys)My Profile

  4. says

    Melanie I unconsciously made the G+ decision as well, I am a new blogger and Facebook has been a long hard slog with very little response so far. Once I worked out to use my personal profile on G+ the rest has become easy. Although I still feel very lost at times and this article has been a tremendous help. Thank you.
    Karen Main recently posted…Why I want to live with uncertaintyMy Profile

  5. says

    Wow, I did not realize all of this! I haven’t been blogging long but personally, I like Google+ better than Facebook mainly because of reasons like what you said. Mainly, I see posts that I am interested in. I find Google+ a lot less annoying, compared to Facebook. There’s a lot less moaning + groaning on Google+ too! I also noticed an increase in my traffic but can’t tell for certain if it’s because of Google+ or recent guest posts. I really like your breakdown of it all–I am definitely going to focus more on Google+ now and less on Facebook. Thank you!!

    Emily recently posted…Free Gas? Don’t Mind if I Do….My Profile

  6. says

    My experience is also that it is much easier to build community in Google+ than it is in Facebook. I’ve started from scratch with both when I started my blog two months ago, and I have a large network in G+ but have gotten almost nowhere with Facebook.

    Though I post under my personal profile, unlikely in Facebook, anyone looking at my profile because they find my posts interesting or want to circle me, will easily find their way to my website.

    G+ rewards good contributions to the community in that sense, unlike Facebook.
    Cleio recently posted…Easy baby cardigan knitting pattern: Cute As One ButtonMy Profile

  7. says

    I’ve found that engagement is easier on G+. Facebook seems like it is too hard to engage others. I like being able to see and share others’ posts on G+, and sort of “pay it forward” so to speak. Thank you for the great article!
    Cher @ Designs by Studio C recently posted…Build a Rustic BenchMy Profile

  8. says

    Wow, thanks so much for your post. It was very informative. I was a little sluggish on getting with Google+, but now I love it. I feel like it is more of a chore to maintain Facebook. I’d rather be on Google+.

    So did you delete your Facebook page altogether?
    Dee Williamson recently posted…Hump Day Confessions #10: Cupid and I Aren’t FriendsMy Profile

  9. says

    This post has given me alot to think about. First thing I’ve done is change my G+ profile image to me rather than my logo. Since I haven’t got many circles yet I may also switch over to my personal profile. Thanks for a very clear article.
    Jennifer recently posted…Rustic ChiliMy Profile

  10. says

    I’ve been on G+ for awhile, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. When all the changes took place with facebook, it made me realize that G+ could just be HUGE. I was never great at facebook, anyway. Great job on this post, Melanie. Two thumbs way up!
    Kim @ 2justByou recently posted…Friday Favorites for MakeupMy Profile

  11. Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot says

    Great post! I’ve been trying to make a go of it on G+ for a few months. I keep wondering what the difference between FB and G+ is and why I need to make an effort. This totally clears it up. Thank you!

  12. says

    Believe it or not, I was not on Facebook, even personally, before blogging, so I had a learning curve with both platforms. I have to say that for me, G+ has been easier to work with since there are so many people out there posting about the basics, willing to help a newbie out and answer questions…and the traffic cannot be compared. As you said, G+ posts are seen by so many more, either directly or via Google searches and that translates into more visits to my blog. Thanks for sharing and your weekly hop! :)
    Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable recently posted…Knitting: My Pattern for JoyMy Profile

  13. says

    Brilliant, thanks for this, I SO want to get into G+ better than I have so far so this will help! One quick question though, from what you’ve said, would you not bother with a page at all and just go with personal profile? Am gbetting myself confused by using both I think…. Thanks x

  14. says

    A very interesting post, thank you. I am new to G+ and am learning all the time, I think it’s a great social media platform and equal to twitter for blog traffic, the same can’t be said for Facebook.
    Hellie’s Corner recently posted…My Funny Looking QuinceMy Profile

  15. says

    This is a great, helpful article, Melanie. Thanks for sharing it. I’m digging into G+ more and more these days. I need to roll it into my regular social media time.
    Colleen Pence recently posted…Meet the SA2020 Outdoorsy Resolutions Leaders for 2014: The Pences!My Profile

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